STAMINA STRENGTH: How to bulk up: Your guide to building bigger muscles


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Friday, November 18, 2016

How to bulk up: Your guide to building bigger muscles

Things to keep in mind if you want big muscles.

Nowadays people are conscious about their health and body. People spend hours in the gym either to lose weight or gain muscles. Most of the time, it is for losing weight and you usually see the result soon enough. However, gaining big muscle is another game altogether, especially if you are on the skinnier side. You need workout properly and should not ignore good nutrition. You can also try different versions of some exercises that will help you to bulk up faster. Eating fattening food will not help your cause. You have to have a plan and stick to it if you want to build big muscles. Read on to know how you can bulk up faster.
1. Eat proper diet and eat more
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Your diet is the key factor to gain all that muscles. The food that you are putting in your body is an important factor in your success and the buzzword is macronutrients, the foods that are consumed in large quantity. It includes proteins, carbohydrates and lipid. Your focus should be on complex carbohydrates to provide energy, moderate proteins to help muscle building and lipid to support metabolic process of the body. For complex carbohydrates, eat brown rice, buckwheat and oats. Don’t forget your fruits and vegetable. To increase your weight, you can eat high calorie but healthy food like avocado, red meat, nuts and almond butter. You need to eat around 500 calories extra per day to gain weight. Monitor your diet to ensure that you are gaining muscle no fat.
2. Consume protein powder
Protein powder
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One of the easiest ways to gain weight is to consume protein powder. It is especially helpful for hard gainers. You can drink the protein shake to easily boost intake of calories as one protein shake contains 500 to 750 calories. You can also add in peanut butter and bananas to make it healthier and tastier. However, it is easy to go overboard with protein shakes, so stick to two drinks per day. It is advisable to gain weight slowly. It is safe to gain 400g to 800g per week and you will see the transformation after around three months.
3. Get professional help
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It is always better to get professional help instead of randomly selecting a diet for bulking up. You usually end up gaining fat instead of muscles. Your personal trainer will guide you through diet, exercises and other lifestyle changes to help you achieve the goal. If you only want help with the diet part, find a dietician who will make a personalized diet plan for you.
You can also find a partner to workout together and nothing better than having a partner who has already achieved his goal of body building. He/she can give you advice on diet and will keep you motivated.
4. More of muscle building exercise than cardio
If you are trying to get bulky, do exercises that will help you to build muscles instead of just burning those calories. Cut down the time spent on cardio as it burns calories but it is also important for healthy heart, so don’t stop doing it. You can do slow paced cardio exercises such as using an elliptical and walking. Workout on your upper body as well as lower body. Your whole body should receive the same attention.
5. Sleep more
After spending hours in the gym working out so hard, your body needs to get restored. Your body cells repair and strengthen during sleep. After a good night’s sleep, you will be rested and ready for another day of workout. Sleep deprivation can lead to injuries while working out.

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