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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Four Steps To Take To Help Perform A Full Push-Up

If you are starting out with your new fitness routine, one exercise on your to-do list may be learning how to complete a full push-up. Push-ups are one of the beneficial upper body exercises to include in your workout routine as they target your ...
as well as your triceps. But, for those who do not possess a lot of upper body strength, push-ups can be a real challenge to perform. Breaking down the exercise into stages will lead you to do the full push-up and is the best approach to take.
Let's look at four steps you can take to reach performing a full push-up ...
1. Try The Kneeling Push-Up. First, consider starting with a kneeling push-up. By placing your knees on the ground before you do this exercise, you will reduce your lever length, essentially making the task easier.
A kneeling push-up takes some of the stress and strains off your chest muscles, allowing you to build up to being able to do the full push-up exercise.
2. Improve Your Chest Press. The next step to improve your push-up is to consider the chest press exercise. This activity carried out in an exercise machine, will work similar muscles as the push-up, but will allow you to control how much weight you are lifting.
Using the chest press machine makes for an easier transition to the full push-up. As you gain strength, you will become closer to doing the full push-up on your own.
If you do not have a chest press machine in your gym, you can use a bench press. Remember to use a spotter while doing this exercise to ensure optimal safety.
3. Increase Your Triceps Strength. One of the primary helper muscles when doing the push-up is your triceps, so by strengthening these muscles, you will improve your strength when you go to do the standard push-up exercise.
The best practices for working on your triceps include ...
rope triceps extensions,
overhead dumbbell extensions,
as well as triceps dips. Devote some time to these exercises and you will see improvements in your push-up, but you will also notice you are developing more toned arms as well.
4. Try Doing a Full Push-up On An Incline. Finally, the last trick you might use to help lead to doing the full push-up is to try it on an incline first. Some people may notice they feel stronger doing a push-up on an incline, so if this is you, you can do this exercise on an incline for a while first and then transition to the full-on push-up from there.
As you can see, there are several methods you can use to help work up to doing a full push-up. Rather than getting discouraged after you perform one push-up and can't do it, try using these as you look to make progress towards your goal.
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