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Monday, July 11, 2016


Mid 2016 is here with us and probably by now you have not achieved one of your New Year resolutions - losing weight. Don't worry, you still have plenty of time. Thanks to lose weight fast tips, you can finally shed off the extra kilos.
No longer do you have to worry about that muffin top or your best clothes not fitting you anymore. What you need to know is that putting on weight is not suitable for your health. Medical experts have been able to identify severe consequences of obesity. They include diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Here are tips to help you lose weight fast with healthy foods.

Vegetables are rich in nutrients and minerals. They include Vitamins, minerals and fiber. When you incorporate a few leafy green vegetables in your meals, your body will benefit from the fiber and nutrients. Fiber is known to heighten the metabolism rate which helps the body to burn more energy. When you are overweight, fat is stored around the thighs, hips and belly/waist area. When your metabolism rate is accelerated, more energy is needed. Fat is an energy source and when burned, it powers body functions.This helps you to lose weight fast. Examples of vegetables to eat include spinach, kales and asparagus.

Protein rich food
When man was evolving, he depended on meat as a source of food. Today, a meal that consists only of protein rich foods especially meat is referred to as paleo diet. Protein takes time to be digested in the body. For the body to complete this process, energy is needed. Fat is burned to provide the body with energy resulting in weight loss. Protein also helps to make you feel full. This prevents the tendency of over eating or snacking on unhealthy meals. To achieve this, consume protein rich foods that produce positive results. They include lean beef, chicken, rabbit and fish.

Honey is the best substitute for artificial sugar which is known to increase weight. This is because the body converts glucose into fat storing it around the body. Honey has anti bacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties. When used in tea each morning instead of sugar, it helps you lose weight fast. You can substitute it with fruit jams bought from the store that are rich in artificial sugar and other sweeteners'. Furthermore, you can gain several health benefits from the honey itself. For example improved immunity, helps to suppress coughs and improves blood sugar control.

They are known to be high in fat but they don't increase your weight when consumed. Instead, they help you lose it - fast. They are an excellent snack rich in protein, fiber and healthy fats. When consumed, they help to improve your metabolic health. This can be attributed to the protein and fiber.They ensure that the body burns off fat to provide energy in order to digest them quickly. This is achieved when the metabolism rate increases. This helps you become leaner in no time. Caution, they are high in calories and if you binge eat them, you will increase the calories in your body. Example of nuts to consume includes almonds and macadamia nuts.

From the days of Adam and Eve, fruits have made up a small percentage as a snack or meal. They are known to be rich in Vitamins, minerals, fiber, water and natural sugar. This is a healthy combination that can help you lose weight fast.
For starters, fiber increases your metabolism rate which triggers the body to burn fat and converts it to energy. The fiber and water especially in a water melon will help you to feel full. This prevents you from over eating and snacking.

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